Day Trip

The day trip starts with a visit to the Kosgoda Sea Turtle Centre. The aim of the Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project is to monitor local sea turtle activity and conserve the local nesting sites. The organisation also purchases turtle eggs from locals at a price slightly higher than one offered in the black market – despite of education turtle eggs are still considered by many Sri Lankans to be a rare delicacy. The rescued and collected eggs brought to the centre are berried in the sand for hatching. The new-born turtles are held in the centre's pools for three days until released in the sea at early morning before predator birds are awake. The centre provides information on the life of sea turtles and offers the visitors a chance to participate in the release of hatchlings to the sea.

From Kosgoda the day trip continues to Balapitiya, a truly inspiring river safari, allowing you to enjoy the Sri Lankan nature from within a boat. In the middle of the journey we will land on a small island to get acquainted with a Buddhist temple and monks living there. You can also take a short trip to a cinnamon garden on the island.

Before return to Hikkaduwa a visit to the moonstone mine at Mitiyagoda will be paid – Sri Lanka is, after all, famous for its jewels! In addition to moonstones you can purchase also other gemstones from the mine's shop, e.g. the world's best blue sapphires.

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