"On leaving the island of Andoman and sailing a 
thousand miles, a little south of west, the traveller 
reaches Ceylon, which is undoubtedly the finest 
island in the world."

– Marco Polo

Everyone who has ever visited Sri Lanka is likely to agree with the famous world traveller. The paradise island situated in the heart of the Indian Ocean offers something to everyone; shiny beaches, rich culture, ancient ruin cities, wonderful natural scenes and wildlife, safely to be enjoyed on a safari.

While travelling in Sri Lanka, you can book a room from our hotel and participate in different kinds of trips. Our hotel is situated in Hikkaduwa, which is known for its long coral reefs with dozens of coral and fish species. Hikkaduwa is considered to be the divers' paradise with crystal clear waters, visible up to the depth of 22 metres.

Fishing has been the main source of livelihood of Hikkaduwa for centuries, and today fishing trips are also offered for tourists. On a game fishing trip you can catch e.g. tuna, shark, swordfish or marlin.

Those preferring less sporty activities can relax under palm trees along several miles long beaches and get acquainted with the island's natural sights and diverse attractions on day trips and round tours.

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